Our Verse Interviews

The purpose of these talks is to extract wisdom from those among us who speak the language of the heart - great teachers, artists, and masters. 


The reason for this is so you and I can use this wisdom in our own lives to better understand ourselves, our world, and how we can... 

  • Reconnect to our unique qualities

  • Listen to our soul’s calling

  • And contribute to the world in a way that will leave it better off after we are gone

Each interview will be about 20-30 mins long.


I intend to keep them on the shorter side because I want to keep the conversation focused on just a few points of interest that you can use right away. 

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Our Verse Interview #1:
Yolanda Martinez

Listen to Native American Grammy Award Winner Yolanda Martinez talk about her experience on connecting with Great Spirit. How her connection has guided her life, her experiences, and helped shape her life into a rich experience. And how you can do the same!